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The new learning framework for work and inclusion of newly arrived

E-Portfolio for migrants aims to create one comprehensive application that provides an interactive and flexible soft skills curriculum for migrants, coupled with a self-assessment tool to identify areas for improvement and monitor progress. It also provides digital, innovating materials for trainers and mentors to develop soft skills at the encounter or different socio-economic and cultural contexts. The project includes also a Community of Practice that will provide personalised support to trainers/mentors using the materials.

The direct target group of the project are migrants; both newly arrived and long-term residents, that want help developing their soft skills to improve their employability and entrepreneurship.

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Eportfolio Migrant Article – CoP components and key caracteristics

Key components and characteristics of a Community of Practice: Domain: A CoP is centered around...
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The first face to face meeting took place in Nice (FR) in….
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“The Significance of the Community of Practice”

One of the most important milestones of this project is the creation of the Community...
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Empowering Migrants: The Role of Digital Tools in Social Inclusion

Migrants, individuals who move from their homeland to a new country, often face numerous challenges...
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Maximizing the Impact of Migrants’ Soft Skills Training: The Crucial Role of Stakeholder Involvement

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, the importance of migrants’ soft skills cannot be overstated. These...
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