“Erasmus + E-Portfolio Migrants” Project Triumphs at “Migration Spring” Festival in Nice, France

The “Migration Spring” festival held in Nice, France, was a stage for enthusiastic celebration as the “Erasmus + E-Portfolio Migrants” project proudly unveiled its results. Partly funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program, this ambitious project aims to enhance the social, economic, and cultural inclusion of migrants through innovative and impactful initiatives.

In close collaboration with the “Réseau Éducation Sans Frontières” (RESF), this presentation evening provided an ideal platform to highlight the tangible results achieved and the training modules developed. A sincere tribute is extended to RESF for their invaluable partnership, which played an essential role in realizing this ambitious project.

The E-Portfolio Migrants offers an interactive online training program focusing on the development of migrants’ soft skills, thus enhancing their employability and entrepreneurial spirit. The commitment is firm to improve accessibility and create education and training opportunities for migrants, who often face barriers in this regard.

Led with determination by the GIP FIPAN, in collaboration with 7 dedicated European partners, this project has sparked a wave of enthusiasm and commitment: EUROPEAN PROFESSIONALS NETWORK (Belgium), TSDT (Belgium), STIMMULI (Greece), GEINNOVA (Italy), Einurð (Iceland), Learning for Integration (Finland), ExeoLab (Italy).

We warmly invite everyone to join us in exploring this innovative and inspiring project, which makes a significant contribution to promoting integration and diversity within our European communities.

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